QCS and Certificates

Quality Control System

We have a strict Quality Control System, from raw material incoming inspection, production process control, finished product inspection, we have strict procedures to control quality and cost:

1. Inspection of incoming raw materials: chemical analysis, metallographic analysis

2. For welding products we will take welding evaluation report before welding

3. After welding, after post-weld heat treatment in strict accordance with the process, the finished product is 100% Nondestructive Tested: X-ray non-destructive testing, ultrasonic testing, penetration testing, etc.

4. Other strength test, Mechanical performance experiments.

Thus to ensure the strength and pressure of our products can meet the requirements of seamless pipe.

All products that pass the inspection can arrange packaging, shipping, etc.


We could produce all kinds of standards pipe and pipe fittings and flanges like Standard:


Certificate BV--2019 French inspection certificate

Certificate of ABS--2019 Advanced Certification

Certificate of CRN--2018 Certification

Certificate of DNV--2019 Certification

Certificate of ISO9001--2020 Management system certification

Certificate PED-AD2000--2019 French Certification

Certificate of NIOC--2018 National certification

NWC certification (2021)

Oman company certification(2019)

Oman company certification(2021)

ANOPC-Assiut National Certification

Business license